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Pressures of the world

Lots of people come to me to discuss the pressures of the world, then tell me they dont have time!

Dont have time for Yoga. Dont have time to relax. Dont have time for a walk. Dont have time for Yogi Tea.

If that is you then you have lost! You must make time. You want your life to improve? well you are lazy and dont want to do anything about it. 

For three minutes each evening I want you to Sit down and concerntrate on you breathing watch the stomach and feel it going in as you exhale and out when you inhale.

Dont time yourself but when it feels like the three minutes are up then stop.

Doing this before bed will encourage deep sleep

Doing this in the morning with encourage a clearer mind.

Try Yogi Tea Choco

The Yoga show Islington

Were you there? did you seem me there and attend the stand? This year at the show last weekend I was very busy with reading peoples Doahs and telling them the best teas for them as well as the best way of life. 

Todays society we are too much in to healthy eating etc.... But sometimes our body needs fat and other hidden ingredients to start fuctioning properly. With out a flu or cold you body cannot grow immune.

The Echinecea Tea is particularly good for this time of year. It also has Turmaric Root which has a number of properties from from anti inflamatory to healing.

The Classic Tea

It seems to be a very common question usually asked to me at shows, What is your favorite Yogi Tea? unfortunatly I dont have an answer. I like them all but have different moods for different teas. Some how your chakras tell you which tea they like.

Lets talk about the Classic Tea the Orignal Yogi Tea!

Cinnimon is very commomly used to treat blood problems. Used to keep the blood pressure constant. It is up lifting at the same time calming. 

At shows Classic Yogi Tea is a big hit, reffered to as Christmas tea, I met a person once who bought a load of Yogi Tea Classic for Christmas. When I asked him what does he do with the Classic tea?, he replied that he heats up red wine and puts the classic tea in the pot and brings to boil, he then rips the tea bag and lets the herbs and spices run free. Mulled Vine with a nice twist.

Personally I use the Tea in cooking only when I boil rice. I then rip the tea bag and let the herbs and spies run free creating a Yogi Tea Classic rice dish. 

My family has used the teabags in cookies and cake mixes as well.

What have you made with Yogi Tea Classic?

The Yogi Tea Man does Hathya Yoga

True Yogi tea man is usually at a Hathya Yoga class every Wednesday at the Ealing Gurudwara, the teacher and founder is Ravi Dooa know as Raviji. Come and join us at 7:30pm every wednesday in the Langer hall.

Yogi Tea Man Spotted

Last weekend I was at the CAM EXPO in London, did you see me there?